The next-gen insurance agency operating system

 Our intent is to make you more robust with your future clients. The way we do this is by designing software tools that fit your workflow using Artificial Intelligence*.

[*A.I. is defined as a proactive computer system that helps you connect with your clients with a level of efficiency behind human potential]

Earn time

Miranda helps you earning time by leaving time-consuming tasks to a computer system such as collecting data for your sales meeting, qualifying leads, answering frequent questions.

More valuable activities

Take away your concerns by having a 24/7 automated support system. This would allow you to contact your customers more often and build better relationships.

Getting started is quick

Subscribe to the waiting list to be the first agent using Miranda. We are designing the software usability thanks to your contribution. 

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Let's build Miranda together

Our advisors are intermediaries like you. We create Miranda together with intermediaries for intermediaries. Do not hesitate to add yourself to the waiting list or write us via email.

What We Believe

Insurance allows people to take risks. It allows growth in a family or organization by minimizing risks and ensuring activities that would cost financial ruin or decrease a valuation.


Intermediaries' professional support is critical for their clients to understand the value of insurance, and to get appropriate and adequate coverage. Today insurance brokers and agents are overwhelmed by too much administrative work and too many technologies to learn. Their clients want to manage policies online across many channels. At the same time, they want to be sure that they have developed a contract that protects them in the event of a claim.


Miranda aims to support the key role of intermediaries. We invite you to design more efficient workflows by contributing to the Miranda software usability definition.

We cannot yet reveal everything about Miranda, but we invite you to join the waiting list to help us create an innovative solution for agents and brokers.